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Texas Best Source for Stellar Kayaks & Surskis

Stellar kayaks are manufactured at Flying Eagle Boat Co, with more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing composite boats. Through painstaking research design and innovation, Stellar is able to deliver some of the most stable, efficient, and comfortable kayaks on the market today. If you are looking for a boat that’s both light and stiff, Stellar is the brand for you to choose. Stellar works with professional paddlers around the world to ensure they are delivering the best products they possibly can. Their design team has over 60 years of composite boat building experience and they incorporate naval architecture, composite engineering, and computer modeling into their designs to create cutting-edge products. If you want to see what Stellar products are capable of, why not demo them? We have a whole range of Stellar products that we are happy to demo for you.

Touring Kayaks

Love getting out on the open water and taking in breathtaking views of nature? Then a Stellar kayak may be ideal for you. These kayaks are not only made for long-distance kayaking but also are lightweight so you don’t have to struggle when you transport them from place to place. Stellar’s line of touring kayaks include:

  • Stellar 18′ Racer (S18R)
  • Stellar 18′ Touring Kayak (S18)
  • Stellar 16′ Touring Kayak (S16)
  • Stellar 15′ Touring Kayak (S15)
  • Stellar Intrepid 18′ Sea Kayak (SI18)
  • Stellar Tandem 21′ Touring Kayak (ST21)
  • Stellar 14′ Touring Kayak (S14)
  • Stellar 14′ Low Volume Touring Kayak (S14LV)
  • Stellar 12′ Touring Kayak (S12)
  • Stellar Tandem 17′ Touring Kayak (ST17)


If you’re looking for a boat that is different from a kayak, perhaps a surfski would suit your tastes. This type of boat is designed to handle various ocean conditions so you don’t have to go back to shore when things get a little choppy. Surfskis have bailers, which are extremely helpful in even the worst of conditions. You won’t have to compromise your speed in any weather condition!

  • Stellar Double Elite (S2E)
  • Stellar Double Elite Low (S2EL)
  • Stellar Elite Low (SEL)
  • Stellar Elite Small (SES)
  • Stellar Elite Intermediate (SEI)
  • Stellar Racer (SR)
  • Stellar 18’ Surf Ski (S18S)
  • Stellar 16’ Surf Ski (S16S)
  • Stellar 14’ Surf Ski (S14S)

Racing Kayaks

Get your race on with a top quality Stellar racing kayak. These boats are designed to be sleek and powerful so you get always get a leg up on your competition. Stellar racing kayaks have a flexible yet stiff construction in order to transfer more of your power into speed to help propel you to the medal podium. Stellar racing kayaks:

  • Stellar Apex Trainer/Para K1
  • Stellar Apex ICF K1 75
  • Stellar Apex ICF K1 85
  • Stellar Apex ICF K1 95
  • Stellar Apex K2
  • Stellar Rapid-S Multisport Kayak

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