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Platinum Dealer for Epic Kayaks & Gold Dealer for Stellar in Texas

Here at Texas Surfskis and Kayaks, we stock a wide variety of kayaks and surfskis. We have something to suit all budgets and all levels of skill, whether you are a seasoned pro or you are just getting into kayaking for the very first time. We are passionate about surfskis and kayaks, and our priority is to provide you with quality equipment. If you have any questions about any of the products we sell, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are your one-stop shop here in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Galveston, and Bastrop for all of your surfski and kayak needs!

We Carry the Best in the Kayaking World

You can shop from us with confidence, as we are a platinum dealer for Epic kayaks and a gold dealer for Stellar kayaks.

In-Stock & Featured Products

Kayaks & Surfskis

We carry a large variety of Kayaks and Surfskis in stock, items not in stock can be ordered. Give us a call if you’re interested in any of the kayaks listed below—we’ll be more than happy to give you a free demo!


  • Stellar 18′ Racer (S18R)
  • Stellar 18′ Touring Kayak (S18)
  • Stellar 16′ Touring Kayak (S16)
  • Stellar 15′ Touring Kayak (S15)
  • Stellar Intrepid 18′ Sea Kayak (SI18)
  • Stellar Tandem 21′ Touring Kayak (ST21)
  • Stellar 14′ Touring Kayak (S14)
  • Stellar 14′ Low Volume Touring Kayak (S14LV)
  • Stellar 12′ Touring Kayak (S12)
  • Stellar Tandem 17′ Touring Kayak (ST17)

Sea Kayak

  • Epic GPX
  • Epic 14X
  • Epic 16X
  • Epic 18X
  • Epic 18X Double – NEW
  • Epic 18X Sport


  • Epic V5
  • Epic V6
  • Epic V7
  • Epic V8
  • Epic V8 Pro
  • Epic V8 Double
  • Epic V10 Sport
  • Epic V10 – NEW
  • Epic V10L
  • Epic V10 Double
  • Epic V11 – NEW
  • Epic V12 – NEW
  • Epic V14
  • Stellar Double Elite (S2E)
  • Stellar Double Elite Low (S2EL)
  • Stellar Elite Low (SEL)
  • Stellar Elite Small (SES)
  • Stellar Elite Intermediate (SEI)
  • Stellar Racer (SR)
  • Stellar 18′ Surf Ski (S18S)
  • Stellar 16′ Surf Ski (S16S)
  • Stellar 14′ Surf Ski (S14S)


  • Epic K1 M
  • Epic K1 L
  • Epic K1 XL
  • Epic K1 XXL
  • Epic K2 M
  • Epic K2 ML
  • Epic K2 XL
  • Stellar Apex Trainer/Para K1
  • Stellar Apex ICF K1 75
  • Stellar Apex ICF K1 85
  • Stellar Apex ICF K1 95
  • Stellar Apex K2
  • Stellar Rapid-S Multisport Kayak

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