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Schedule a Demo with Texas Surfskis and Kayaks

Texas Surfskis and Kayaks feel that demoing your kayak prior to purchasing is extremely important. It helps guarantee that the kayak or surfski that you purchase is the right boat for you. We usually try to bring several different boats in the same category to help refine your selection. We will discuss this with you first, of course. There is no obligation, we only ask that you are serious about looking for a boat.

From Beginner to Expert Level

If you are just starting out kayaking, we would love to help you. While we have plenty of cutting-edge, competitive kayaks, we also have some at reasonable prices that are perfectly suited for beginners who want to get into the sport. We have a great selection of kayaks and we will always find the time to help find you one that suits your needs and budget.

Set up Your Demo Today

How to set up a demo:  Either call us directly or click on the link below to set up a day, time and location.

Call Us Now to Schedule Your Kayak Demo or Get a Free Quote!